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The Pregnancy Miracle Guide – Ways To Get Pregnant – Fertility Tips

2013 October 29
by admin
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  Ways To Get Pregnant - Fertility Tips

Ways To Get Pregnant – Fertility Tips – If you are wondering ways to get pregnant, try this advice to maximize your opportunity for conception!
These pointers work mainly for many who are generally healthy and have no issues with their fertility. However, if you can find any underlying fertility issues (such as not ovulating), this needs to be addressed by way of a specialist. This is especially true if you’ve been trying to conceive for longer than 12-1 . 5 years.
Ways to get Pregnant: Fertility Tips For Mommy-To-Be
- First thing It is advisable to make out when hoping to get pregnant is Whenever you ovulate. This is the central thing you can do to maximize the chances of you getting pregnant. This is often done by charting your basal body temperature and cervical mucous from month to month, or using ovulation predictor kits;
- Keep the cervical mucous optimal for that sperm to visit and are now living in provided possible. To achieve this, try to limit milk/dairy products, which will thicken the mucous. Be sure you drink at least 2L of water every day, which must also help;
A GREAT TIP on increasing the quality of cervical mucous: take plain Robitussin cough syrup every day starting somewhere between Day 8 and 10 (with regards to the length of your cycle and approximately when you ovulate). Robitussin will thin out your body’s mucous, including cervical mucous, which can be the optimal environment for sperm traveling and reside in. Just make sure the bottle says “Guaifenesin” or “expectorant”, and never “anti-histamine” or “DM”. Take this BEFORE you have sex, preferably several hours before to offer the syrup time to work it’s magic. Concurrently, test with ovulation predictor kits Each day starting on Day 8 of your cycle. Once you have a positive result from the OPK, stop taking the Robitussin.
- Do not have sexual activity Each day. You will make yourself tired and sore, and will dry up your cervical mucous. You’ll not give your partner’s sperm enough time to build copy by releasing it too often. Instead, have sex every OTHER day, until you get a positive result on the OPK – then you should have sex for 3 straight days just in the event. The sperm should already be inside you by the time the egg is released for optimal odds of conception;
- At the potential risk of sounding ridiculous, try staying flat on your back for a couple minutes after sex. It will prevent gravity from drawing the semen from your cervix. Try even placing a pillow under your hips.
Ways to get Pregnant: Fertility Tips For Daddy-To-Be
- Do not let more than 8-10 days to secure before ejaculating. Regular ejaculation could keep the sperm fresh, and will reduce the potential risk of the sperm becoming old and less fertile;
- Stay away from alcohol, or at least limit your intake, since excessive alcohol consumption has been associated with male impotence;
- Try to have yourself at an optimal body weight. Being underweight or overweight can certainly contribute to a reduced sperm count;
- Stop smoking. Although cigarettes don’t actually reduce sperm count, they are doing damage the sperm’s DNA, which can lead to birth defects;
- Try never to wear clothing or underwear that’s too tight. The surplus heat can certainly kill sperm, so try to help keep it cool “down there”!
- Steer clear from certain medications which could cause infertility. Medications such as: anti-diarreal medications, certain antibiotics, anabolic steroids and anti-fungal medications must be avoided. If you use any one of these substances, read more from your physician about their affects on male fertility;
- Limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine in excess can negatively affect sperm.
Ways to get Pregnant: Fertility Tips For The Two of You
- Avoid lubrications during sex – they will actually kill sperm! Look at labels carefully…
- This might be difficult, but try to lessen your stress level. Too much stress can actually affect both men’s and women’s fertility.
Try these tips to increase the chances of you conception, also to get pregnant fast! … [ Read More Ways To Get Pregnant - Fertility Tips ]

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